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 Add this item to the list   UNCOBASIDIUM Hjortst. & Ryv. nov. gen.
Description type:Original description 
Description:UNCOBASIDIUM Hjortst. & Ryv. nov. gen.
Generitypus: Uncobasidium luteolum Hjortst.. & Ryv.
Fruitbody resupinate, effused, softly membranous or byssoid. Hyphal system monomitic. The individual hyphae distinct, thin or becoming thickwalled, with clamp connections; subicular hyphae usually straight and of uniform diameter; subhymenial hyphae tortuous, in some cases strongly bent. Basidia (pleurobasidia) more or less suburniform, strongly constricted with a hook-shaped appendage, arising in the basal septum, with four sterigmata. Spores ellipsoid to obovate, thinwalled, non-amyloid.
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