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Remarks (public):Entoloma nitens resembles E. juncinum, from which it differs in colour and in the surface-structure of the stipe. Also the smell is strikingly different. 
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Description:Entoloma nitens (Velen.) Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 252. 1979. - Fig. 104.
Nolanea nitens Velen., Ceské Houby: 627. 1921; Rhodophyllus nitens (Velen.) Kühn. & Romagn., Fl. anal. Champ. sup.: 190. 1953 (not valid. basionym not mentioned).
Sel. icon. - Arnolds & Noordel. in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12: pl. 93c. 1981.
Sel. descr. & figs. - Arnolds & Noordel. in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12: 21-22, fig. 16. 1981; Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 466-468, fig. 15. 1980.
Pileus 10-42 mm, conical or hemispherical then expanding filially flattened. usually with small, indistinct papilla, more rarely with acute papilla. with straight. deflexed or reflexed margin, hygrophanous, when moist grey-brown sometimes with ochraceous tinge (Mu. 10 YR 4-5/3- 4) slightly paler towards margin, translucently striate up to half the radius, pallescent on drying to ochraceous-grey (10 YR 6-7/2-3), smooth, sometimes with some aeriferous fibrins especially when dried Out. lamellae, L = 20-30, I = 1-3 (-5), moderately distant, narrowly to broadly ventricose, up to 7 mm broad, sometimes transvenose, grey- brown finally with pink tinge (10 YR 5-6/4, 7.5 YR 6-5/4), with concolorous, entire edge. Stipe 40-70 x 2-4 mm, cylindrical or com- pressed, with or without broadened base, concolorous with moist pileus or paler. strongly silvery striate, often twisted, minutely pruinose at apex, white tomentose at base. Context concolorous with surface in cortex of pileus and stipe, paler in inner parts, fibrillose-brittle. Smell weak, sometimes terroid or raphanoid. Taste weak, more or less raphanoid.
Spores 8.0-10.5 x 7.5-9.5(-10.5) µm, Q = 1.0-1.2, Q av.= 1.1, isodiametrical, 5-6-angled in side-view. Basidia 32-53(-60) x 9-14 µm. 4-spored. clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a thin cutis of 3.5-9 inn wide, cylindrical hyphae. Pigment minutely incrusting the hyphae of pileipellis and pileitrama. Clamp-connections present in hymenium.
Habitat & Distr. - In frondose forests on rich, loamy soil and in grassland. also found in Juniperus-heath. Rare. Recorded also from France and Czechoslovakia. Aug.-Oct.
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