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Remarks (public):Entoloma occultopigmentatum is a large grassland species which resembles a large E. sericeum on account of the dark brown colours, farinaceous smell and isodiametrical spores. The distribution of the pigment in the pileus, however, is strikingly different. 
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Description:Entoloma occultopigmentatum Arnolds & Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 292. 1979. - Fig. 124.
Sel. icon. - Arnolds & Noordel. in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12: pl. 92c. 1981.
Sel. descr. & figs. - Arnolds & Noordel. in Fung. rar. lc. col. 12: 18-19, fig. 14. 1981; Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 501-502. 1980.
Pileus 25-56 mm. conico-convex then expanding with or without blunt papilla, rarely slightly depressed at centre, with slightly involute or straight margin, hygrophanous, when moist rather dark brown (Mu. 10 YR 2/2, 3/2; 5 YR 2r2) paler towards margin, translucently striate up to half of radius, strongly pallescent on drying to ochraceous-greyish brown (10 YR 6/4, 6/3, 7/2, 7/3), innately fibrillose, shiny. Lamellae, L = 25-60, I = 1-14, moderately distant to rather crowded, broadly adnate to deeply emarginate, segmentiform to rather broadly ventricose, up to 9 mm broad, pale, sordid grey, then pink with brown tinge (7.5 YR 6/4, 5/4, finally 4/4) with entire or slightly irregular, concolorous edge. Stipe 30-100 x 2.5-8 (-11) mm, cylindrical or compressed, sometimes gradually broadened towards base, pale to moderately dark grey-brown (10 YR 7/4, 6/4, 5/2, 4/3, 4/2), strongly silvery striate lengthwise, white tomentose at base. Context thin and relatively firm in pileus, brittle in stipe, concolorous with surface. Smell strongly farinaceous. Taste strongly farinaceous.
Spores 7.5-9.5 x (6.5-)7.0-8.0(-8.5) µm, Q = 1.0-1.25, Q av. = 1.1, (4-)5-6-angled in side-view. Basidia 28-41 x 8.5-14 µm. 4-spored. clamped. Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis made up of 3-7(-11) µm wide cylindrical hyphae with pale brown coloured walls. Pigment pale. diffuse, intracellular in pileipellis and upper pileitrama. Clamp-connections present in hymenium, in other tissues rare or Iacking.
Habitat & distr. - Gregarious in moist grassland (Scirpetum sylvatici) or on extensively grazed meadows. Very rare (Vries; Schoorl.). Also known from W. Germany. Sept.-Oct.
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