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Description:Entoloma chlorinosum Arnolds & Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 287. 1979. - Fig. 129.
Sel. icon. - Arnolds & Noordel. in Fung. rar. Ic. col. 12: pl. 90b. 1981.
Sel. descr. & figs. - Courtecuisse in Doc. mycol. 12(48): 47-51. 1982; Noordel. in Persoonia 10: 507, fig. 36. 1980.
Pileus 7-14 mm, acutely conical or hemispherical with small, abrupt papilla, expanding to conico-campanulate, finally convex with small conical papilla with straight margin becoming reflexed with age, hygrophanous, when moist (dark) yellowish brown or reddish brown (K. & W 5C7; Mu. 10 YR 3/3, 4/3, 4/4) slightly paler towards margin, translucently striate up to three-quarters of radius, pallescent on drying to pale yellowish brown (5B5; 10 YR 5/4, 6/4) shiny. Lamellae, L = 12-24, I= 0-1(-3), moderately distant, almost free, thin, ventricose, white, then pink without brown or grey tinges with entire, concolorous edge. Stipe 28-40 x 0.5-1.5 mm, cylindrical, pale to moderately dark yellowish brown (5B5, 5D5; 10 YR 4/3, 4/4), glabrous, polished, white tomentose at base. Context thin, membranaceous-brittle in pileus, firm, rigid in stipe, concolorous with surface. Smell strongly nitrous (like chlorine).
Taste mild or like soap.
Spores (7.0-) 7.5-9.0 x 5.0-7.0 µm, Q = 1.2-1.5, Q av. = 1.3, 5-6(-7)-angled in side-view. Basidia 24-35 x 7.5-10 µm, 4-spored, clamped.
Lamella edge fertile. Cystidia absent. Pileipellis a cutis of 2-8 µm wide, cylindrical hyphae. Pigment intracellular. Clamp-connections present in hymenium.
Habitat & distr. - ln small groups in grassland. Very rare (Vlagtwedde; Anloo). Also known from Sweden, France and Italy. Sept. Oct.
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