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Remarks (public):Entoloma chalybaeum is taken here in a rather broad sense, comprising classical chalybaeum with entirely squarrulose, non-striate pileus anc lazulinum with less squamulose, deeply striate pileus.

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Description:var. lazulinum (Fr.) Noordel. in Persoonia 12: 206. 1984. - Fig. 176.
Agaricus lazulinus 1=r., Epicr.: 153. 1838; Leptonia lazulina (Fr.) Quél. in Mém. Soc. Emul. Montbéliard. sér. ll, 5: 344. 1873 (Champ. Jura Vosges 2): Rhodophyllus lazulinus (Fr.) Quél., Enchir. Fung.: 60.
1886; Entoloma lazulinum (Fr.) Noordel. in Nord. J. Bot. 2: 1 62- 1982. - Agaricus glaucus Bull. ex DC. in DC. & Lam.. FL. franç. 2: 179. 1805.
Misappl. - Rhodophyllus cyanulus sensu J. Lange. Fl- agar. dan. 2: pl. 77F. 1937.
Sel. icon. - Bres., Iconogr. mycol. 12: pl. 570, fig. 2. 1929 (as L. lazulina); J. Lange, Fl. agar. dan. 2: pl. 77F 1973 (as R. cyanulus); R. Phillips, Mushr. other Fungi: 117. 1981 (as L. lazulina).
Sel. descr. & figs. - Noordel. in Persoonia 12: 206-210, Fig. 6. 1985.
Characteristics. - Pileus 6-35 mm, bright ultramarine, indigo or grey-blue, at centre and striae often blackish blue, turning brownish violaceous with age, not really hygrophanous but strongly translucently striate when moist, first entirely tomentose, then rugulose to reflexedly fÀ¬brillose-squamulose at centre, glabrescent at margin; lamellae 10-24, adnate to deeply emarginate, with concolorous to brown edge; stipe concolorous with pileus at first, with age turning greenish blue in basal part; taste none or slightly oily-rancid; spores 8.5-12.0 x 6.5-8.5 1r11 and basidia 4-spored in f. lazulinum, spores 10-12.5 x 7.0-9.0 µm and basidia 2-spored in f. bisporigerum; pileipellis a trichoderm at centre more cutis-like at margin.
Habitat & distr. - ln poorly manured, semi-natural grassland or acid or basic, sandy or loamy, moist to fairly dry soils, usually in small groups. Rare. Widespread but rare in Europe. July-Nov.
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