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Page number:70, t. 200 
Description type:Original description 
Description:Agaricus plicatilis Curtis, Flora Londinesis 1: tab. 215 [engraved no. 200]. (1781)
Original diagnosis: Stalks single, in those which are full grown two inches of more in height, the size of a small wheat straw, upright, round, of the same thickness throughout, hollow, smooth, white, and tender.
Cap at first springs up is about size of a kernel of a hazel nut, of a yellowish brown color, scarce perceptibly striated, it soon becomes an oblong bell-shaped, the small furrows appear more evidently, are somewhat waved, and the color changes to grey or mouse color, now full grown it becomes more bell-shaped, and afterwards appears flat, is from an inch to an inch and half in diameter, of a mouse color, tender, pleated, the crown, flat, brown or white; the skin transparent, without any flash, at top not sprinkled with meal, of the ridges of the plaits somewhat willous, with the fructification is over, the edge becomes black and turns in.
Gills few, of the same color as the cap, throwing out a very fine powder of a bluishblack color.
Its usual place of growth is in pastures, meadows and grass plats, in all of which it is not infrequent during the months of September and October.
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