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Remarks (internal):The spores consistently exhibit pedicels that vary in length as the fungus matures; however, climatic conditions may also play a role in the variation observed. The Chihuahuan spores typically have pedicels that are approximately 2 µm long, although longer (? 4 µm) pedicels were also observed. Comparison of the type specimens of Disciseda hyalothrix and D. pedicellata by Moreno et al. (2003) concluded that these species are conspecific. Laferriére & Gilbertson (1992) were the first to report D. hyalothrix from Chihuahua.
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Description:Disciseda hyalothrix (Cooke & Massee) Hollós, Növ. Közl. 1: 107 (1902)
= Disciseda pedicellata (Morgan) Hollós, Term. Füz. 25: 103 (1902)
Observations - In Mexico, D. hyalothrix has previously been reported from arid zones in Baja California (Ochoa & Moreno 2006) and Sonora (Moreno et al. 2007). It is characterized by large, strongly ornamented spores [(6-) 7-8 µm in diam.] with episporial spines that are apically fused and form flat tipped processes that are easily observed under phase contrast microscopy or (more clearly) under SEM.

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