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Description:Entoloma formosum (Fr.: Fr.) Noordel. in Persoonia 12: 461. 1985. - Fig. 183.
Agaricus formosus Fr.: Fr., Syst. mycol. 1: 208. 1821; Leptonia formosa(Fr.: Fr.) Gillet, Hyménomycètes: 414. 1876; Rhodophyllus formosus (Fr.: Fr.) Quél., Enchir. Fung.: 61. 1886. - Leptonia fulva P.D. Orton in Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 43: 293. 1960; Entoloma fulvum (P.D.Orton) Arnolds, Ecol. Coenol. Macrofungi Grassl. Heathl. Drenthe, Netherlands 3: 331. (1982') 1983.
Misappl. - Leptonia andrianae sensu F. M¢ller, Fungi Faeröes 1: 243. 1945.
Sel. icon. - Arnolds, Ecol- Coenol. Macrofungi Grassl. Heathl. Drenthe, Netherlands 3: pl. 4d. Cl982') 1983.
Sel. descr. & figs. - Arnolds, loc.cit.: 331-332, fig. 146. ('1982') 1983 (as E. fulvum); F. MÀ¸ller, loc.cit.: 243-244, fig. 113. 1945 (as L. andrianae).
Pileus 6-50 mm, conico-convex then convex to applanate with slightly to distinctly depressed centre, rarely with small papilla in central depression, with slightly involute margin, weakly hygrophanous, when moist translucently striate up to half of radius, reddish yellow to fulvous (Mu. 7.5 YR 3-5/4; 10 YR 5-6/6) paler towards margin, at centre often darker, slightly pallescent on drying, squamulose with uplifted squamules at centre, radially fibrillose-subsquamulose at margin. Lamellae, L = 15-26, I = 1-7, moderately crowded, adnate, often slightly emarginate, segmentiform to ventricose, white or tinged cream, then pale pink with entire or more or less fimbriate, concolorous edge. Stipe 30-90 x 1-4 mm, cylindrical, often slightly broadened at base, concolorous with or paler and more yellow than pileus (2-5 Y 8/4-6; 10 YR 6-8/6), glabrous or substriate with scattered silvery fibrils. Context thin, concolorous with surface. Smell none. Taste none or slightly oily-rancid.
Spores 9.0-12.5(-13.5) x 6.0-8.0(-9.0) µm, Q = 1.2-1.7, Q av. 1-45-1.55, ellipsoid in outline with 6-7 angles in side-view. Basidia 24-55 x 9.5-14 µm, 4-spored, clampless. Lamella edge fertile or heterogeneous. Cheilocystidia 20-45 x 5-12 µm, subcylindrical to narrowly clavate, scattered among basidia. Pileipellis a trichoderm at centre, towards margin transition between a cutis and a trichoderm, made up of radial arranged 6-15 µm wide inflated hyphae with clavate 12-30 µm with terminal elements. Pigment yellow-brown, intracellular in pileipellis Brilliant granules sparsely present in pileitrama. Clamp-connections absent.
Habitat & distr. - In mossy, poorly manured grassland, roadside etc. (Nardo-Galion), usually in small groups. Very rare (Anloo: Eexter veld). Aug.-Nov. Widespread and fairly common elsewhere in Europe.
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