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Remarks (internal):M. pyriformis) based on molecular data. The molecular phylogenetic study of Larsson & Jeppson (2008), which included a broader sample of species in Lycoperdaceae, retains this species in Lycoperdon. Ochoa & Moreno (2006) studied spores of material from Baja California under SEM.
Lycoperdon pyriforme was first reported from Chihuahua by Laferriére & Gilbertson (1992).
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Description:Lycoperdon pyriforme Schaeff., Fung. Bavar. Palat. 4: 128 (1774)
? Morganella pyriformis (Schaeff.) Kreisel & D. Krüger, Mycotaxon 86: 175 (2003)
Observations - This species is recognized by its typically pyriform basidiomes with abundant, whitish, basal mycelial cords and its characteristic lignicolous habitat. The exoperidium is verruculose-granulose and spores are 3-4 µm in diam. and smooth to verruculose.
Krüger & Kreisel (2003) placed this species in Morganella Zeller (as

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