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Description:Phellinus punctatus (Karst.) Pil. . , Atlas Champignons Europe, 3, p. 530, 1942.
Poria punctata Karst., Brid. Kannedom Fin. Natur Folk, 37: 03, 1882.
Fig. 8.
Basidiomata perennial, resupinate to broadly effuse-reflexed, woody, difficult to separate from the substrate. Pore surface yellow to yellowish brown (7/8, 5/4 l0YR), dull; pores circular, 5 - 7(-9) per mm, dissepiments thick, entire, slightly tomentose; margin yellow (7/8 2.5YR) to brownish yellow (6/8 l0YR), tomentose to rimose, up to 1.0 mm wide; tube concolorous with the hymenial surfase, unistratified, up to 0.5 mm thick; context concolorous with the pore surface, up to 5 mm thick.
Hyphal system dimitic, generative hyphae with thin to thick walls, hyaline, 1.80 - 2.88 mm diam.; skeletal hyphae thick-walled, sometimes branching, 2.52 - 3.96 µm diam., both context and trama similar. Setae absent. Cystidioid elements present, ventricose, thin-walled, hyaline, 19.80 - 21.60 x 3.24 - 3.60 µm. Basidia clavate thinwalled, hyaline, 14.40 - 18.80 x 4.32 - 5.40 µm. Basidiospores ovoid to subglobose, hyaline, smooth, thick-walled, 4.32 - 6.12(-6.84) x 4.32 - 5.04 (-5.76) µm, dextrinoid.
Distribution: Cosmopolitan. Type locality:
Material examined: BRAZIL, Santa Catarina, Ilha de Santa Catarina, Morro Lagoa da Conceiçáo, Loguercio-Leite & Jarenkow 142, 24/11/88, (FLOR 10584); ibid, ipse 252, 26/VII/88 (FLOR 10634); ARGENTINA, Misiones, P. N. IguazÀº, Rajchenberg & Job M3665, 8/IV/84 (BAFC 30163).
Remarks: The species is very similar to P. hartigii (Allesch. & Schnabl) Pat. which has effuse-reflexed basidiomes and grows on living conifers (Gilbertson, 1979). Its resemblance to the P. robustus complex was noted by Lowe (1966) and Gilbertson (1979). The former author considers the present species to be a resupinate form of P. robustus (Karst.) Boud. & Galz., which is pileate. Larsen & Cobb-Poulle (1990) in their survey of the genus Phellinus considered P. punctatus (Fr. ex Karst.) Pilat as a valid name for the species. Ryvarden (1981) stated that the original spithet was published as P. punctatus Jungh. (=Rigidoporus lineatus) in 1838, whereby P. punctatus Fr. published in 1874 is a later homonym and illegitimate. However, according to Ryvarden (1991, p. 314) Karsten in 1882 erected the binomial Poria puncta ta, which should be the basionym for the present
taxon, namely Ph. punctatus (Karst.) Pilát. We have adopted Ryvarden's criterion of using the latter authorship for the binomial.
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