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 Add this item to the list  Gnomoniopsis Berl. Icon. Fung. 1:93. 1894.
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Remarks (internal):This generic description differs slightly from Sogonov et al. (2008). Perithecia were found to be aggregated in groups of up to 11 instead of five. A minimal stroma was observed for G. macounii and G. racemula. According to Barr (1978) appendages are present on ascospores of G. tormentillae; no type or other material of this species was available for examination. 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Gnomoniopsis Berl., Icon. Fung. 1:93. 1894.
Type species: Gnomoniopsis chamaemori (Fr.) Berl.
Perithecia on overwintered canes, leaves, and twigs, solitary, lacking stroma, or in groups of up to 11, aggregated in minimal stroma, black, globose to subglobose, concave from base when dry. Neck central to lateral, straight or slightly curved to curved, short to long, sometimes almost absent, in cross section circular to oval or flattened. Asci ellipsoid, ovoid, obovoid, to fusiform, with conspicuous apical ring, eight ascospores arranged mostly uniseriate and biseriate but also irregularly multiseriate. Ascospores fusiform, obovoid or pyriform, one-septate, median to submedian, non- to constricted at septum, hyaline, lacking appendages except G. tormentillae with slight appendages at each end according to Barr (1978).
Hosts. - In the Fagaceae, Onagraceae and Rosaceae.
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