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Description type:Original description 
Description:Colonies on PDA floccose, with white to yellow aerial mycelium. Yellow pigmentation forming in agar. Colony diameters on PDA after 72 hr 16-20 mm ( = 18 mm, n=21 of seven isolates) at 25°C and 23-30 mm ( = 28 mm, n=21 of seven isolates) at 30°C. Sporodochia pale orange, forming on carnation leaf pieces on CLA when exposed to UV light within 20 d. Macroconidia short to medium length, usually 3-septate, straight to slightly curved, slender and thin-walled. Apical cell curved and tapered with an occasional slight hook. Basal cell foot shaped to pointed. Length 44-55 µm ( = 49 µm). Microconidia produced in falseheads on short monophialides and polyphialides in the aerial mycelium on CLA. Microconidia oval, elliptical or reinform and occasionally 1-septate. Microcondia 3-9 µm ( = 6 µm). Chlamydospores formed in both aerial and submerged hyphae, terminal or intercalary, smooth- or rough-walled, solitary or in pairs, rarely in clumps or chains. 
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