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Remarks (public):The fairly large allantoid spores. the pale straw-coloured basidiocarp. and the restriction to Pinus are diagnostic characteristics for identification of this species. Antrodia primaeva is rather similar macroscopically. but causes brown rot, its spores are larger and the subiculum is almost monomitic. 
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Description:Diplomitoporus flavescens (Bres.) Dom.- Acta Soc. Bot. Pol. 39:191. 1970. - Trametes flavescens Bres., Ann. Mycol. 1:81. 1903.
Basidiocarps annual. adnate, resupinate to effused-reflexed with a narrow pileus. up to 3 cm wide and 2 cm thick at the base. tough; upper surface (when present) finely tomentose. azonate. at first whitish, but soon cream to pale straw coloured; pore surface cream to straw coloured. pores angular. 2-4 per mm. often with a shine when fresh. with thin dissepiments; margin white and finely floccose; context white to cream coloured, 1-3 mm thick; tube layer concolorous with pore surface, up to 5 mm thick.
Hyphal system dimitic; generative hyphae with clamps, thin- to slightly thick-walled, hyaline. 2-4 µm in diam; skeletal hyphae common only in the trams. thick-walled to solid. hyaline, nonseptate, 2.5-6 µm in diam.
Cystidia not present. but hyaline pointed cystidioles often present in the hymenium. 1623 x 4-5 µm.
Basidia clavate, 4-sterigmate. 15-22 x 5-6 µm. with a basal clamp.
Basidiospores allantoid to cylindrical. hyaline. smooth. negative in Melzer's reagent. 5-7 x 2-3 µm.
Type of rot. Causes a white rot in dead pine.
Cultural characteristics. See Domanski op. cit.
Sexuality. Heterothallic and tetrapolar (Domanski op. cit.).
Substrata. Known only from Pinus species like P. pines, P. rotundata, and P. sylvestris.
Distribution. A rare European species. known only from continental parts of Europe, very rare in the interior of Fennoscandia. scattered in Central Europe and known from Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Germany, France and Italy besides Asia east to Japan.
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