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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Stereopsis Reid, Nova Hedw. Beiheft 18 p. 290, 1965.
Fruitbodies spathulate-flabellate, often lobed but varying to a more irregular shape or even forming small rosettes, soft in the living state, brittle when dried, upperside smooth to radiately or irregularly rugose, hymenium smooth or with radial ridges; hyphal system monomitic, hyphae thin-walled, with or without clamps; gloeocystidia or oleiferous hyphae may be present in the hymenium or in the tramal part; basidia clavate, elongate, with 2-4 sterigmata, with or without basal clamp; spores ellipsoid - subglobose, smooth, thin-walled, non-amyloid, non-dextrinoid, non-cyanophilous. Similar to Cotylidia but differs by the absence of cystidia in the hymenium. One species in N. Europe.
Type species: Stereum radicans Berk.
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