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Description:Basidiocarps medium-sized. Pileus 40-80 mm diameter, convex when young, infundibuliform when mature, then with straight, inflexed or reflexed margin, brown with greyish-yellowish (5D4-5D5, 10YR5/4) tinge, surface sticky, areolate-rimose. Lamellae narrowly adnate to subdecurrent, off-white to pale coffee-and-milk, very close (L+l/cm=25-30, total number of L=75-110) and narrow (1.5-2 mm), brittle, intermixed with numerous lamellulae of different lengths, with few to numerous furcations, very slowly (30-60 minutes) discoloring brown (7D5-7D4) where damaged; edge even, concolorous. Stipe 60-65 x 8-20 mm, centrally attached, subcylindrical or tapering towards the top, solid, sticky, areolate-rimose grey with slightly brownish tinge, but often whitish near the base,. Context very firm, off-white, faintly to clearly but slowly discoloring brown when cut. Smell strong and chlorine like. Taste unpleasant but rather mild, immediately turning greenish-blue with gaiac (24D6 with slightly more greenish tinge), showing a faint, pale brown (10YR8/6) reaction after 2-3 seconds with FeSO4, insensitive to a 10% potassium solution.
Basidiospores 7.3-8.4-9.4 x 6.3-7.1-7.8 µm, subglobose to broadly ellipsoid (Q=1.08-1.18-1.31); ornamented with low, small and obtuse warts that are connected by fine lines into an incomplete but dens reticulum; plage not amyloid. Basidia 49-61 x 8-12 µm, 4-spored, clavate-pedicellate; basidiola subcylindrical to subclavate. Macrocystidia 37-112 x 8-10 µm, dispersed even less abundant and occasionally septate on lamella edge, mostly very slender and (sub)fusiform to subcylindrical with an obtuse, mucronate to capitate tip, near the gill edge some also shorter and more inflated; contents abundant, needle-like to granular and hardly reacting to sulphovanillin. Marginal cells abundant, smaller than basidia, usually subfusiformous or even more irregular and resembling the hyphal endings of the cap surface, many filled with brown vacuolar pigment. Lamellar trama composed of sphaerocytes. Pileipellis 120-150 µm thick, composed of pericline to slightly ascending, branched and septate hyphal terminations and pileocystidia; hyphal endings 3-10 µm broad, cylindrical, subcylindrical to more or less sinuate or somewhat inflated, apex obtuse, with oil-like brown-colored contents, similar near cap margin and centre; pileocystidia dispersed in between the hyphal endings, some very long and continuing in underlying tissues of the pileal trama, similar in diam. to the hyphal endings, cylindrical, subcylindrical to subclavate or slightly tapering upwards, obtuse at the tip, filled with needle-like to granular contents that hardly react to sulphovanillin. Pilear trama composed of sphaerocytes, hyphae and dispersed, cylindrical, cystidioid elements with refringent, needle-like contents. Clamp connections absent.
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