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Description:Leaf spots on lamina and tip of the leaf as small becoming big spot with dark reddish border and inside pale brown contain numerous pycnidia (Figs 14a-b). Pycnidia 96-99 µm diameter, 75-81 µm high, singly, epiphyllous, black, globose to pyriform, immersed in plant tissues, coriaceous, solitary to clustered, ostiolate, ostioles as black dots in the centre (Fig. 14c). Peridium 9-15 µm wide, one stratum of textura angularis comprising 2 layers of cells with thickened brown walls around ostiole (Figs 14d-e, m). Conidiogenous cells 7-12 — 2-4 µm ( = 9 — 3 µm, n = 20), holoblastic, determinate, discrete, rarely integrated, hyaline, cylindrical to doliiform cells lining the pycnidial locule (Figs 14f-g, n). Conidia 10-14 — 7-8 µm ( = 12 — 7 µm, n = 20), hyaline-greenish, 1-celled, coarse-guttulate, smooth-walled, globose, ellipsoidal, clavate or obclavate, with an obtuse apex, sometimes truncate at the base, surrounded by 0.8-1 µm thick mucilaginous sheath which persists at maturity and in some species with 5-16 µm a single, hyaline, curved or straight appendage (Figs 14h-l, o). 
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