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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:PHAEOLUS (Pat.) Pat. - Essai Taxon. Hym., p. 86. 1900.
Basidiocarps annual, sessile to stipitate; upper surface orange at first, becoming brown, strigose to fibrillose; pore surface orange to greenish brown, pores daedaleoid to circular, up to 2 mm in diam; context orange to brown, fibrous to spongy; hyphal system monomitic; contextual hyphae simple-septate, thin- to thick-walled; cystidia cylindric, thin-walled, not encrusted; gloeoplerous hyphae also present in hymenium; basidia clavate, simple-septate at the base; basidiospores ellipsoid to cylindric, hyaline, smooth, negative in Melzer's reagent, causes a brown cubical butt rot of living conifers. Cosmopolitan, monotypic genus.
Type species: Polyporus schweinitzii Fr.
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