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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Basidiocarp perennial, resupinate, pulvinate or uniformly thick and covering large areas, up to 3 cm thick, corky to woody; sterile margin present; hymenial surface white when fresh, then cream-colored, straw-colored or light brown. Pores 4.5-6/mm. Context 1-3 mm thick or almost absent, cream-colored. Tubes stratified, up to 15 strata, 1-7 mm long each, concolored with the hymenial surface or each stratum varying from beige, cinnamon, light brown to dark brown, context lacking between the strata. Odor coconut-like when fresh.
Hyphal system dimitic. Generative hyphae clamped, poorly branched, 1.5-4,5 µm diam., thin-walled, or hyphae 2.5-5.5 µm diam. and possessing irregularly thickened walls; sclerified generative hyphae also present but rare. Skeletal hyphae 2.5-5 µm diam., unbranched or rarely so, with hyaline to brown, thick walls.
Basidia claviform, 14-22 x 3,5-5 µm. Basidiospores cylindric-ellipsoid, slightly bent, 4-5 x 2(-2.5) µm, thin-walled, IKI- and acyanophilous. Cystidia lacking. Cystidioles lageniform or fusoid, 20-23 x 5-7 µm.
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