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Description:Tomentella ellisii (Sacc.) Jül. & Stalp. Fig. 4. Syn.: Tomentella ochracea (Sacc.) M.J.Larsen.
BASIDIOME effused, adnate, adherent, hypochnoid to felty. HYMENIAL SURFACE medium to dark brown, smooth; margin paler, whitish to light brown, filamentose-fimbriate. SUBICULUM concolorous with or paler than the fertile area.
HYPHAL SYSTEM monomitic: hyphae nodose-septate. SUBICULUR HYPHAE hyaline to pale brown, 3.5-7.2 µm in diam., ± regular in outline, seldom clearly inflated, thin- to slightly thick-walled. SUBHYMENIAL HYPHAE hyaline, 3.5-8 µm in diam., ± inflated and closely septate, thinwalled.
BASIDIA constricted in a suburniform way, 38.5-52 x 8-11.2 µm, 4sterigmate, hyaline, sometimes greenish in KOH. BASIDIOSPORES pale to medium brown, subglobose, often bent or flattened on one side, to slightly
irregular or irregularly globose, aculeolate to echinulate, 7.6-9.6 x 5.6-8 µm or 6.4-8.8 µm across.
HABITAT: on E: angustifolia and hymenial surface of an old Phellinus punctatus. DISTRIBUTION: 8 (2).
VOUCHER SPECIMENS: private herbarium 70, 9, 7.X11.90, on E. angustifolia; MCVE 635, 8, 7.X11.96, on hymenial surface of an old Phellinus punctatus.
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