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Description:Thallus foliicolous or corticolous, continuous or marginally dispersed into rounded, confluent patches, up to 50 mm across and 20-40 µm thick, ecorticate, smooth, pale grey to brownish grey. Apothecia rounded, 0.5-1 mm diam. and 250-350 µm high; disc initially plane but becoming convex in old apothecia, light brown and with thick, pale yellowish to creme-colored pruina; margin distinct, rather thick and prominent when young, creme-colored. Excipulum 40-70 µm broad. Hypothecium 50-100 µm high, light brown. Apothecial base sordid brown to aeruginous. Epithecium thin, 5-10 µm high, granular, pale yellowish brown. Hymenium 100-130 µm high, colourless. Asci 90-110 x 30-35 µm. Ascospores single, oblong-ellipsoid, muriform, 50-80 x (15-)20-30 µm, 2.5-4 times as long as broad, colourless. Campylidia sessile, 0.4-0.6 mm broad; lobe well-developed, hood-shaped, grey but white to pale yellow pruinose; socle not apparent. Conidia filiform with clavate apex, 3-7-septate, 40-60 x 1-1.5 µm. 
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