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Description type:Original description 
Description:Pileus upto 1.5 cm, convex to plano convex with slightly depressed in the centre; Mirabelle (10J-7), smooth; margin regular to irregular, split. Context thin, orangish yellow. Lamellae strongly decurrent, anastomosing to subdistant, hymeniform folded up to 1 mm high, orange. Stipe 1.8-3 — 0.4-0.7 cm, equal in diameter, lacunose, stipe surface glabrous, Mirabella (10J-7) to dirty orange. Basidiospores: [55/2/2] 5.9-7.2 — 4.5-5.4 µm, L=6.6 µm, W=4.9 µm, Q=1.35, broadly ellipsoid to ellipsoid, nonamyloid, smooth, wall hyline, contents monoguttulate, Basidia ± 52-70 — 7-10 µm, narrowly clavate to clavate, strerigmata 2.5-4.5 µm long, cornuted 4-5 per basidium, developing basidia with evenly granulose, light yellow contents, basal septa with clamps. Basidioles numerous with opaque light yellow contents in 3% KOH. Subhymenium: Made up of non inflated hyphal segments, branched, septate with frequently clamped. Hymenophoral trama interwoven with cylindric hyphae ± 2.5-6 µm wide. Pilipellis made up of sub parallel arranged filamentous hyphae, septate, clamped, hyaline to pale yellowish, 1.8-3.6 µm wide, followed by clavate to subclavate or irregularly arranged cylindrical elements, 9-18 µm wide, granulated. Pleurocystidia and Cheilocystidia absent. Stipe-cuticle made up of hyaline to pale yellow, filamentous to cylindrical, followed by cystoids ends cells, branched, frequently clamped hyphae, 2.5-8 µm wide. Spores deposit white. 
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