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Description type:Original description 
Description:Pileus up to 4.5 cm, applanate then umbilicate, Capuccine orange to yellow , smooth; margin irregular, nonstriate, lobed. Context 2-3 mm thick, straw (10F-2), confluent, unchanging on exposure to air, surface smooth but not glabrous. Lamellae abundantly decurrent, interveined to anastomosing, white reaching up to the half of the stipe. Stipe 9-11.5 — 1-1.5 cm thick, central, Margurite yellow (10C-1), terete with slightly swollen apex, radicate, surface fibrous, stipe trama colonial buff (10G-2). Basidiospores [55/2/2] (8-) 8.5-9.8 (-10) — 5-5.5 (-6) µm, L=8.99 µm, W=5.08 µm, Q=1.76, ellipsoid to cylindrical, nonamyloid, noncyanophilic, wall hyaline, contents granulated to multiguttulate with greenish referective oil droplets. Basidia ± 67-99 — 7-9.7 µm, clavate to narrowly clavate, sterigmata 3.5-6.5 — 1.2-2 µm diam., cornuted 4-6 per basidium, developing basidia with evenly granulose, light yellow contents, basal septa with clamps. Basidioles numerous with opaque light yellow contents in 3% KOH. Subhymenium made up of narrow to non inflated hyphal end cells. Hymenophoral trama irregular to interwoven, branched, hyaline to faint yellowish, constricted slightly at septa, septa frequently clamped. Pileipellis consisting of filamentous and interwovenly arranged, hyaline, branched, thin to thick walled, frequently clamped, non-amyloid hyphae, 3-12 µm wide, followed by protruding end cells, contents granulose. Pleurocystidia and Cheilocystidia absent. Stipe-cuticle made up of hyaline to yellowish, branched, frequently clamped hyphae, 2.5-6 µm wide. Spore deposit white. 
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