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Description type:Culture description 
Description:Neotype: À…ngermanland : NordingrÀ¥ Parish, Sweden. Summer, 1974, coll. R. H. Petersen, TENN 39847.
Cultural characters.-Key Code (Nobles, 1965) : 1. 6. 7. 32. 36. 39. 47. (50).56.
Colony on potato-dextrose agar up to 20 mm in diam in six wk ; surface rugulose-mealy to minutely felty and then appearing granular, off-white to paler than "pale smoke gray ;" agar depressed at colony margin; margin (2 mm) white, appressed to depressed agar, minutely fimbriate, obscurely zonate ; reverse "drab-gray," irregularly convoluted, with off-white margin (2 mm) ; odor faintly fragrant, as of cooking fruit. Hyphae 2.7-5.2 µm in diam, thin-walled, hyaline, without clamp connections, often slightly inflated, tightly packed, interwoven into a very loose, irregular prosenchyma ; contents of two types : a) mostly granular to vacuolate, and b) rarely gloeoplerous, refringent under phase contrast, not deliminated by septa, usually somewhat inflated. Vesicular hyphae and helicoid hyphae not observed.
Campbell and Petersen (1975) reported hyphal differentiation in cultures of North American A. muscaria, but no distinct differentiation was observed in the cultures from the neotype specimen. Cultures originating from lamellae and stipe flesh were found to be essentially identical.
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