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Description:Exidiopsis griseobrunnea Wells et Raitviir subsp. griseobrunnea FIG. 6, K-N
Exidiopsis griseobrunnea Wells et Raitviir, Izv. Akad. Nauk À‹stonsk. S.S.R., Ser. Biol. 15: 206. 1966.
A number of additional collections have been identified that extend the known geographical and host ranges of this subspecies. It is known to occur only on species of Duschekia 1= Alnaster, Alnus sect. Alnobetula], mainly on Duschekia fruticosa [ = Alnus fruticosa Rupr., Alnaster fruticosus (Rupr. )
The basidia of the specimens that we have studied measured (10.5- ) 11.5-18(-24.5) x (6.5-)8-10.5 um, whereas the allantoid basidiospores measured 10.5-15( -17 ) x (3.5 -)4-5( -5.5 ) µm. We have found no evidence that the basidiospores of this subspecies are capable of germinating by repetition.
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