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 Add this item to the list  Helminthosporium albizziae, Petch, n. sp.
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Description:Helminthosporium albizziae, Petch, n. sp.
On leaves of Albizzia Lebbek, Benth. Peradeniya.
Spots minute, black, about -5 mm. diameter, consisting of several tufts of conidiophores surrounding a minute, central, clear spot. On the under surface of the leaf.
Conidiophores united at the base, up to 70 µm long, 7 µm. diameter, with usually one septum near the base; nodulose; upper part covered with dark circular patches, 3 µm diameter, with a minute central hyaline spot (the points of attachment of spores); fuliginous; spore terminal.
Spores, clavate, ends rounded, 42-56 x 12 µm, tapering to 4 µm diameter at the lower end, rough with minute warts, fuliginous, terminal cell paler, straight or curved below, 3-4 septate, septa 3-4 µm thick, wall 2-3 µm thick, not constricted at the septa.
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