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 Add this item to the list  Inocybe umbonata n. sp.
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Description:Inocybe umbonata n. sp.
Pileus campanulate or conicocampanulate, 2-4 cm. diameter,1-3 cm. high, with an abruptly acute, conical, pointed, or obtuse umbo, 2-3 mm. high, readily detachable. Umbo black, glabrous; pileus elsewhere bay to yellow-brown, with minute black-brown scales round the umbo, and thin, narrow, fibrillose, dark-tipped scales elsewhere; radially fibrillose and striato-sulcate almost to the centre. Flesh thin, white. Stalk 7-12.5 cm. high, 2-4 mm. diameter, dark brown, with a purplish tinge when moist, squamulose or fibrillose below, fibrillose above, at first with a rudimentary fibrillose ring, longitudinally striate, equal or attenuated upwards, stuffed, inflated at the base, brittle. Spores globose, 7-9 µm diameter, thickly covered with long, conical, diverging spines, 2-3 µm. long, pale brown when magnified, brown in mass. Cystidia clavate or flask-shaped, 32-40 x 8-16 µm, with an irregular crystalloid cap.
Peradeniya, among grass, October, 1914; specimens and. painting, Nos. 3499, 4173 in Herb. Peradeniya.

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