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 Add this item to the list  Pholiota badia n. sp.
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Description:Pholiota badia n. sp.
Fasciculate. Pileus 7-20 cm. diameter, undulating, feebly umbonate, bay-brown, rather darker in the centre, or yellow-brown in the centre becoming pallid towards the margin, glabrous, cuticle sometimes radially puckered, sometimes splitting; flesh white, thick (2.5 cm.) over the stalk, rapidly thinning out, with a translucent, thick (5 mm.) brown cuticle, which forms the total context over the outer third of the pileus. Stalk 6-12 cm. long, 5-16 mm. diameter, equal, innately longitudinally fibrillose, the outer layers splitting, solid, pallid becoming brownish, longitudinally ridged above the ring; ring ample, fragile, evanescent. Gills sinuatodecurrent, moderately crowded, pallid, then feebly purple-brown, narrow, attenuated outwards, edge irregularly crenate. Spores dark yellow-brown in mass, pale yellow-brown when magnified, oblong-oval, smooth, 9-14 x 5-7 µm.
Growing from a cavity in the stem of Zanthoxylum Rhetsa, Peradeniya, November, 9, 1917; July 4, 1921, &c. Type, No. 5482 in Herb. Peradeniya.
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