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 Add this item to the list  Boletus sylvestris n. sp.
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Description:Boletus sylvestris n. sp.
Pileus 3 cm. diameter, pale bay-brown, rather darker in the centre, convex, centre slightly depressed, dull, minutely pruinose; flesh rather thick, white, turning brownish when cut. Stalk equal, curved, stuffed, 3.5 cm. long, 4 mm. diameter, brownish, whitish at the base, yellow at the apex, covered with minute red-brown points. Pore surface greenish-yellow, with a deep sinus round the stalk; pores 4 mm. long, mouth angular, up to 0.5 mm. diameter.
On the ground in jungle, Hapugastenna, October, 1909; No. 2990 in Herb. Peradeniya.
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