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 Add this item to the list  Poria rubescens n. sp.
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Description:Poria rubescens n. sp.
White, becoming red when bruised, and brownish-red when dry. Widely effused, soft, up to 0-8 mm. thick, with a thin byssoid basal layer, 0.1 mm. thick; margin narrow, white, tomentose; dissepiments thick when fresh, becoming thin and rigid when dry; pores when dry angular, varying greatly in size, from 0-1 to 0-4 mm. diameter. No cystidia.
On rotten wood in large patches, Hakgala, No. 5546, December, 1917; No. 5995, April, 1919. Indistinguishable from the Poria form of Polyporus interruptus B. & Br. until bruised.
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