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 Add this item to the list  Clavaria xylarioides n. sp.
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Description:Clavaria xylarioides n. sp.
Simple, clavate, up to 4 cm. high, 2 mm. diameter below, 4 mm. diameter above, terete, apex obtuse, violet-black, black at the base; internally purple-brown, with a violet-black outer zone. Basidia cylindrico-clavate, about 40 high, 8 µm diameter below, 12 µm diameter above, four-spored; sterigmata 10 v high, conical to half the height, then hair-like. Spores broadly oval, 9-10 x 7 µm, or globose 8-9 µm diameter. Subhymenial layer violet by transmitted light.
On the ground, Peradeniya, December, 1914; No. 4389 in Herb. Peradeniya. Dewalakanda, August, 1919; No. 6096.
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