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 Add this item to the list  Uredo Phyllanthi-reticulati n. sp.
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Description:Uredo Phyllanthi-reticulati n. sp.
On Phyllanthus reticulates Poir., Jaffna, March 1917; No. 5023 in Herb. Peradeniya.
Sori hypophyllous, scattered, golden-brown, circular, up to 0.4 mm. diameter. Uredospores pale yellow-brown to hyaline, oval, thickwalled, echinulate, 20-24 x 12-18 µm. Paraphyses clavate, regularly expanding upwards, or abruptly inflated into an ovoid head, yellow or yellow-brown above. hyaline towards the base, apex strongly thickened, up to 60 µm long, 16 µm diameter above.
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