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Description:Physalospora Cyperi n. sp.
Spots up to 2 mm. diameter, oval or circular, sometimes confluent; epidermis blistered and whitish. Perithecia immersed, crowded, black, up to 0.3 mm. diameter, with pale brown mycelium in the adjacent cells; wall pale brown by transmitted light. Asci cylindrico-clavate, eight-spored, spores biseriate, 140 x 16 µm; paraphyses numerous, linear. Spores hyaline, narrow-oval, continuous, ends obtuse or sub-truncate, 24-28 x 6-7 µm.
On leaves of Cyperus arenarius Retz, Colombo, December, 1917; No. 5649 in Herb. Peradeniya.
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