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Description:PHANEROCHAETE TUBERCULATA (P. Karst.) Parm. Consp. Syst. Cort. p. 83, 1968.
Corticium tuberculatum Karst., Hedw. 35: 45, 1896.
Basidiocarp description of this species was given by Eriksson et al. (1978: 1033).
CULTURE STUDIED: N° 435: Argentina: Province of Misiones, Santa Ana, leg. IbáÀ±ez 30, 14-III-1991, on stump= LPS 45071.
GROWTH CHARACTERS: mats of fast growth, covering the plate in 1st wk. Submerged mycelium, chamois-like, whiteyellowish ("New Silver" P1.11 B1), radiated, becoming
farinaceous at 5th wk. Odor none. Margin diffuse. Reverse unchanged. oxidase reaction, in GAA: -, with growth of 3.5 cm, in TAA: -, without growth, with GG: -.
MICROSCOPIC CHARACTERS: inoculum of simple-septate, yellowish, 1.4-7.2 µm diam., generative hyphae, crystals formed by 2nd wk. In the 3rd wk simple-septate hyaline
generative hyphae appear, staining in phloxine, with secondary septa and vacuolized contents, formed the 4th wk basidium, 11.5-25.4 µm wide. Aerial mycelium with simple-septate, yellowish, generative hyphae, some more brownish than inoculum, up to 2.4 µm diam. In the 3rd wk brownish yellowishwalled, generative hyphae appear, mainly simple-septate but with occasional single clamp connections, up to 3.4 µm diam.; formation of 4-sterigmato, urniform or clavate basidia, with basal septa, 19.2-25 x 3.4-5.3 µm diam., hyphidium up to 3 µm wide and ellipsoid, thin-walled, smooth, hyaline spores, with oily plasmatic contents, 4-5.8 x 3-3.4 µm diam. Submerged mycelium with similar brownish, generative hyphae in aerial mycelium and very abundant crystals in the 1st wk. In the 2nd wk simple-septate generative hyphae with secondary septa, up to 7.2 µm wide, staying at the end of study.
REMARKS: This study reveals important cultural differences from those given by Stalpers (1978: 172). Yellow brownish generative hyphae, crystals and formation of the basidiocarp before the end of 6th wk are characters not observed previously.
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