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 Add this item to the list  Helminthosporium ampullaceum n. sp.
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Description:Helminthosporium ampullaceum n. sp.
Conidiophores scattered, or in groups of two or three, up to 0.5 mm. high, 12 µm diameter, equal, septate, black-brown to yellow-brown, with pulvinate spore attachments towards the apex. Conidia acrogenous, obclavate, 80-116 x 22-26 µm, attenuated in the upper third to 5 µm diameter, 6 to 9 septate, not constricted, yellow-brown, paler towards the apex, wall and septa thin, apex clothed with a translucent mass about 3 µm thick for a length of about 20 µm; base of the spore and apex of the conidiophore strongly thickened and opaque, the basal cell of the spore becoming hyaline in glycerine.
On dead wood, Hakgala, April, 1917; No. 5344 in Herb. Peradeniya.
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