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Description:Poria glaucescens n. sp.
3653, Hakgala, May, 1913.
At first amber-brown (Ridgway) at the margin, pores darker; becoming entirely greenish-gray when old. Margin slightly swollen, nodular, tomentose. Pores small, 0.1 mm. diameter, irregular, dark brown in section, up to 3 mm. long. Basal layer very thin, almost wanting. No setae. Spores small, yellow brown, oval, 4 x 2 µm, or globose, 3 µm diameter.
Cracks when old and become reticulated with amber-brown tomentose lines, due to new growth through the cracks.
The small, coloured spores resemble those of Fomes caryophylli, but the colour of the fungus is different, and old patches, up to a foot in length, do not show any trace of the hard black margin which characterizes resupinate Fomes caryophylli. The specimens without setae in Berkeley and Broome's Fomes obliques from Ceylon are apparently this species.

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