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 Add this item to the list  Sordaria caerulea Petch. n. sp.
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Description:Sordaria caerulea Petch. n. sp.
Perithecia scattered, globose, 0.3 mm. diameter, totally immersed in a thin byssoid stroma which is at first bright blue, becoming black when dry; ostiolum conical, prominent when dry; wall membranous, violet by transmitted light, as are also the hyphae of the stroma; asci cylindrico-clavate or fusoid, long-pedicelled, apex truncate, 180 x 12 µm, eight-spored; spores at first hyaline, cylindric, sigmoidly curved, 40 x 4 µm, becoming fuscous, oval, inequilateral, 14-16 x 6-8 µm, with a basal hyaline appendage.
On elephant dung, Hakgala, March 1922; No. 6376.
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