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 Add this item to the list   Cordyceps subsessilis Petch, n.sp.
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Description:Cordyceps subsessilis Petch, n.sp.
It is doubtful whether this species should be referred to Cordyceps or to Torrubiella. It is represented in the Farlow Herbarium, ex Herb. Thaxter, by two specimens, both on a coleopterous larva in wood, No. 6145, Burbank, Tennessee, August 1896, and No. 6155, Cranberry, North Carolina, 1887.
In No. 6145, the fungus has an irregular, strap-shaped pseudostalk, 5 mm. high, 1 mm. broad, smooth, yellowish, with brown, horny patches here and there, which bears a cluster, 2 mm. diameter, of perithecia at the apex. In No. 6155, the larva has apparently been cut longitudinally and the specimen broken up; all the perithecia are now detached, and there are fragments of a thin, brown, horny clava. Judging from these specimens, it would appear that the fungus produces perithecia as soon as its mycelium reaches the surface of the wood, the apparent stalk being merely the strand of mycelium in the wood, probably in the insect bore-hole.
The perithecia are remarkably large, 1-1.5 mm. high, 0.33-0.44 mm. diameter. They are numerous, superficial, free, crowded, narrow flask-shaped, collapsing laterally, amber, glabrous, or with slight, white or yellowish mycelium between their apices. The asci are cylindric, capitate, 240 x 5 µm, and the part-spores cylindric, 3-7 x 1 µm.
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