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Description:Poria carbonica Overholts, n. sp. (Fig. 1, C )
Specimen typicum in stipite conifero Aug. 31, 1938, Saanichton, Brit. Columbiae, a Dr. Irene Mounce et Jean Straight repertum est et in herbario Overholtsii (n. 22021) conservandum.
'Effused for several centimeters, annual or if reviving for more than one season at least the tubes not in layers, 3-12 mm. thick, the margin thinning out or at times a bit tumid, on vertical substrata the surface more or less nodulose with the tubes vertical, cheesy-tough when fresh, drying quite hard, white or in age isabelline ; tubes 2-10 mm. long, the latter lengths where oblique, the mouths three to four per mm., the walls rather thick and entire, at times becoming thin and gaping; subiculum well developed, white, firm, not at all fibrous, 0.5-3 mm. thick; spores narrowellipsoid or almost short-cylindric, smooth, hyaline, 3.5-6 x 2-3 µm; basidia clavate, 10-12 x 4.5-6 µm; subiculum hyphae with walls considerably gelatinized (or at least unstaining and often only the lumen visible), 3-4- µm diameter, somewhat branched, with some cross walls and clamps, those of trama 2-2.5 µm; diameter and more distinct.
On dead and often charred wood of coniferous trees.
Type collected on coniferous log at Saanichton, British Columbia, August 31, 1938, by Dr. Irene Mounce and Jean Straight (Overholts Herb. 22021).
The following additional collections are in Overholts Herbarium: on end of burned log of Pseudotsuga taxifolia (Poir.) Brit., Cook Creek, Vancouver Isl., August 18, 1938, I. Mounce (84444) ; on Picea Engelmanni (Parry) Engelm., Upper Priest River, Idaho, August 1, 1924, C. R. Stillinger (1838) ; on Pinus ponderosa Dougl., Missoula, Mont., Sept., 1916, J. R. Weir (4169) ; on Pseudotsuga taxifolia, Carson, Wash., October 29, 1935, G. H. Englerth (58033) ; on Pseudotsuga taxifolia, Siuslaw National Forest, Oregon, Sept. 23, 1938, Englerth and Childs (94012) ; under side of drift log, Kaloma, Wash., Oct. 12, 1909, C. J. Humphrey (5905); on Tsuga hetero phylla (Raf.) Sarg., Revelstoke, B. C., Aug. 26, 1930, J. R. Hansbrough (40652) ; on Pseudotsuga taxifolia boat timber, Seattle, Wash., May 15, 1942, G. H. Englerth (94160) comm. R. W. Davidson; on Pseudotsuga taxifolia, Vancouver Isl., British Columbia, Aug. 6, 1942, J. E. Bier (V-1640) ; ibid., Sept. 2, 1942 (V-162) ; Coyote Creek, Lane Co., Ore., Oct. 22, 1939, Maxwell Doty.
This is Poria no. 36 in W. B. Cooke's paper, as evidenced by specimens sent by Dr. Maxwell Doty. Cooke cites 12 additional collections, all from Oregon, and all on Pseudotsuga. The associated rot is usually of the brown carbonizing type.
Amer. Midland Nat. 27: 692. 1942.
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