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Description type:Original description 
Description:Spermogonia, aecia and uredinia not seen, probably microcyclic. Telia densely aggregated on abaxial side of host leaves covering large, slightly hypertrophied and brightly orange coloured patches of leaves; telia develop originally in substomatal cavities, then form tiny, pulvinate and more or less superstomatal sori, later become larger and tend to coalesce with adjacent sori; probasidia formed by two or three on meristematic hymenial cells, 28–41 — 12–19 µm (35.2 — 15.6 µm), clavate, subclavate or ellipsoid, wall smooth, colourless and less than 1 µm thick, germinating at maturity with stout, often bent or sickle-shaped phragmobasidia by elongation of the apex. Stalked D-haustoria present.
On leaves of Clusia cf. palmicida Rich. ex Planch. & Triana (Clusiaceae).
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