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Description type:Original description 
Description:Spermogonia and aecia unknown. Uredinia mainly scattered on abaxial side of leaves, tiny, subepidermal, Uredo-type, lacking sterile bounding structures; urediniospores shortly and inconspicuously stalked, broadly ellipsoid, obovoid or ellipsoid, more rarely subglobose to pyriform, 25–31(35) — 19–25.5 µm (27.2 — 24.0 µm), wall 1–1.5 µm thick, golden brown, evenly covered with moderately coarse spines ca. 2.5–3.5(4) µm apart, germ pores obscure. Telia among uredinia on abaxial side of leaves, tiny, ferrugineous, bullate or forming small crusts, with wax-like consistency; probasidia ellipsoid, formed on 2–3 loci on slightly thick- and pale golden-walled meristematic hymenial cells, 27–36 — 8–11 µm (20 probasidia measured), wall colourless, smooth, ca. 0.5 µm thick; phragmobasidia narrowly cylindrical, produced upon maturity by elongation of apex of probasidia. Delicately stalked bulbous D-haustoria present.
On leaves of Heliconia spp. (Heliconiaceae).
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