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Description type:Latin diagnosis 
Description:Phytophthora obscura Grünwald & Werres, sp. nov.
Etym.: obscura, obscure: referring to the cryptic nature and the fact that it has (to date) not often been found in nature.

Species homothallica. Oospores in cultura procerans. Antheridia paragynis. Temperaturae optima 20-25ºC. Incrementum diurnum radiale 4.1 - 4.3 mm in agaro CPA ad 20 ºC. Sporangia semipapillata.

Typus: Germany: isol. ex soil from Aesculus hippocastanum in an allée, S. Werres (holotypus: BBA 2/94-IIB; cultura ex tip CBS XXX).
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