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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Athelia arachnoidea (Berk.) Jülich, Willdenowia, Beih. 7: 53, 1972.
Bas.: Corticium arachnoideum Berk., Ann. Mag. nat. Hist., Ser. 1 13: 345, 1844.
Basidiome resupinate, thin, pellicular, white, hymenophore smooth, margin indistinct. Hyphal system monomitic, hyphae hyaline, thin-walled, subicular hyphae with scattered clamps, subhymenial hyphae with simple septa, 3.5-5 µm wide. Cystidia absent. Basidia clavate, 15-20 x 4-6 µm, with 2-sterigmata, and with basal simple septum. Basidiospores ellipsoid, 8-10(11) x 4.5-5.5 µm, smooth, thin-walled, hyaline, IKI-.
Distribution in Europe: Estonia, France, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Belarus, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, Russia, and the Caucasus. Widely distributed species in Europe and present in Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Abruzzo and Sardegna in Italy.
Substrata: it occurs on coniferous and broadleaves, Ulmus campestris, Quercus pubescens, Q. ilex, Juniperus oxycedrus, J. macrocarpa and Alnus.
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