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Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Hydnum anomalum Berk,& Broome, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist, 15: 31 1875)
Odonris anomala ;Bark. & Broome Rea, Brit. Basidiom.,: 645 (1922)
Typa specimen examined: ENG" S0MERSET: Longridge, on rotten Fraxinus, 7 Mar. 1872, C.E. Broome 389, {lectotypel K(M) 36640.

Additional specimens examined: ENGLAND: SOMERSET: Langridge, on wood, 12 Mar. 1872. 399 (ex herb, C,E. .Broome). K(M) 49318; same location and date, C.E. Broome (ex herh. C.B. Plowright), (KM) 49319; St Catherines, on wood, Mar. 1874, 389 (ex herb. C.E. Broome), KM 39644.
The lectotype collection of Hydnum anomalum (selected here and cited above) is a stypelloid species, but is in poor condition, so that little can be seen other than a collapsed basidiome with sparse reticulate-spiny projections, a wholly gelatinized context, faint outlines of what are probably basidia, and reasonably well-preserved basidiospores. These spores are subglobose to ellipsoid (Q = 1.1-1 .5), 5.5-7.5 x 4-6 µm, suggesting that H. anomalum may be conspecific with Stypella subgelatinosa, or possibly S. glaira, or even S. crystalflina. Given this uncertainty, it is not proposed to resurrect the name. Three additional authentic specimens of Hydnum aromalum (cited above) are similar, but equally collapsed.
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