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Description:Pileus 6-18 mm diam., at first obtuse-conical, becoming convex, campanulate or plane with depressed obtuse umbo in age, cinnamon-brown, dark hazel brown (6E5-6) or fuscous, paler towards margin, smooth or minutely squamulose at disk, coarsely innate-fibrillose towards weakly splitting or rimose margin, young specimens occasionally with greyish velipellis over disk, subviscid if moist, veil remnants at margin absent. - Lamellae 36-52 reaching stipe, 3-7 lamellulae, adnate to adnexed, ventricose, up to 2 mm broad, at first greyish brown, cinnamon-brown, becoming dark brown with rusty tinge or umber brown in age, fimbriate edges whitish. - Stipe 15-30 — 1-1.5(-2) mm, cylindrical, equal above, but base with distinctive emarginate, cup-shaped bulb, up to 3.5 mm diam., whitish to pallid brown, dark brown in old specimens, pruinose all over, dry, solid, solitary. Cortina absent. - Context whitish, not reddening upon exposure. - Odor not distinctive or weakly spermatic. - Taste not distinctive.
Spore print brown. - Basidiospores 8.5-10.5 — 8-9.5 µm, ovoid, distinctly nodulose, hemispherical or obtuse-conical projections (nodules) 2-2.5 µm high, yellow-brown. - Basidia 20-34 — 7-10 µm, 4-spored, clavate, clamped. - Cheilocystidia 40-60 (-70) — 12-20 (-24) µm, broadly fusoid or utriform, hyaline or rarely also yellow-brown wall metuloid, up to 4-5 µm thick at apex, crystals present. - Paracystidia (10-) 15-30 — 7-15 µm, vesiculose or clavate, numerous, hyaline wall thin, pigment absent. - Pleurocystidia size and shape like cheilocystidia. - Caulocystidia size and shape like cheilocystidia, but less metuloid, intermixed with clavate, thin-walled cells. - Pileipellis an (ixo)cutis of repent (or suberect) cylindrical hyphae, (2-) 4-8 (-10) µm diam.; terminal cells not differentiated, non-gelatinized or weakly gelatinized wall encrusted with yellow-brown pigment. Subcutis hyphae cylindrical, 6-12 µm diam., encrusted with pigment; oleiferous hyphae absent. - Clamp connections present.
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