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Description:Granulobasidium vellereum (Ellis & Cragin) Jülich, Persoonia 10(3): 328, 1979.
Bas.: Corticium vellereum Ellis & Cragin, Bull. Washburn Coll. Lab. Nat. Hist. 1: 66, 1885. Syn.: Hypochnicium vellereum (Ellis & Cragin) Parmasto, Consp. System. Corticiac. (Tartu): 116, 1968.
Basidiome resupinate, widely effused, membranaceous, hymenophore smooth, rose, pale ochraceous when old. Hyphal system monomitic, hyphae with clamps, 3-4 µm wide, thin-walled or somewhat thick-walled. Cystidia absent. Basidia tubular to narrowly clavate, 50-60 x 5-6 µm, 4-spored, with a basal clamp. Basidiospores globose, 6-8 µm in diam, rugose, thick-walled, IKI-. Chlamydospores more or less ovoid, 8-10 x 6-8 µm, with very thickened walls formed at the end or intercalary of thin-walled hyphae.
Distribution in Europe: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Croatia, Macedonia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, France, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Ukraine, and the Caucasus. Common species in Europe and very frequent in most of Italian Regions.
Substrata: commonly on Ulmus but sometimes on other deciduous wood of Ulmus glabra, U. campestris, Carpinus betulus, Acer pseudoplatanus, Abies alba and Tilia cordata.
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