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Description:Peniophorella pubera (Fr.) P. Karst., Bidr. Känn. Finl. Nat. Folk 48: 427, 1889.
Bas.: Thelephora pubera Fr., Elench. fung. (Greifswald) 1: 215, 1828. Syn.: Hyphoderma puberum (Fr.) Wallr., Fl. crypt. Germ. (Nürnberg) 2: 576, 1833.
Basidiome resupinate, effused, adnate, whitish to ochraceous, hymenophore smooth, finely velutine under the lens by the projecting cystidia, margin fibrillose or thinning out. Hyphal system monomitic, hyphae with clamps, thin-walled, 3-4 µm wide, subicular hyphae finely interwoven and branched, subhymenial hyphae densely packed in a structure perpendicular to the substrate. Cystidia fusiform, 60-150 x 10-18 µm, thick-walled, strongly encrusted all over the length, some projecting above the basidia, others enclosed in the subhymenial layer; one stephanocyst seen in coll. Ryvarden 22373. Basidia subclavate, 20-30 x 5-6 µm, thin-walled, with 4-sterigmata, and a basal clamp. Basidiospores narrowly ellipsoid, slightly recurved, 7-10 x 3.5-5 µm, smooth, thin-walled, IKI-.
Distribution in Europe: Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Estonia, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Hungary, Irland, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Romania, Portugal, Turkey, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Ukraine, and the Caucasus. Common species in all European countries and present in Lombardia, Trentino Alto-Adige, Veneto, Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Emilia-Romagna, Toscana, Lazio, Puglia, Basilicata and Sardegna.
Substrata: on Ulmus campestris, U. glabra, Quercus pedunculata, Q. ilex, Pinus pinea, P. nigra, Juniperus macrocarpa, Abies alba, Taxus baccata, Fagus sylvatica, Salix, Acer pseudoplatanus.
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