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 Add this item to the list  Phellodon putidus (Atkinson) Banker
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Description:Phellodon putidus (Atkinson) Banker
Sporophore single to gregarious or concrescent. Pileus up to 13.0 (18.0) cm broad, plane to depressed or infundibuliform, irregularly shaped, often lobed, colliculose, radially rugulose, tomentose to matted at the disc, later pubescent to glabrous, subzonate, white (4A1) to yellowish white (4A2), corn (4B5), later sunburn (6D5) to brown (6E5) or teak (6F5), ("Honey Yellow" to "Orchamois", later "Fawn" to "Natal Brown" or "Bone Brown"); context up to 1.0 (3.0) cm thick, not obviously duplex, zonate, cream (4A3) to brown (6E5) nearest the stipe ("Cream Buff" to "Natal Brown"); taste mild; odor of rotten eggs, soon disappearing upon drying. Stipe up to 7.5 x 2.5 cm, central, single, ventricose to attenuate below with a bulbous base, spongy tomentose below to matted or glabrous above, Titian red (7D6) to somalis (7E5); context duplex, zonate, concolorous with pileus flesh. Spines up to 5.0 (7.0) mm long, decurrent, crowded, white (7A1) to reddish gray (7B2) or brownish gray (9C2) ("White" to "Tilleul Buff" or "Pale Drab
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