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 Add this item to the list  Auritella Matheny and Bougher, gen. nov.
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Description:Auritella Matheny and Bougher, gen. nov.
Basidiomata agaricoid or sequestrate; usually tough; pileus squarrose, squamulose or tomentose; cortina present or absent; context not reddening; cheilocystidia elongated, usually thin-walled, often >50-µm long, when present; basidia necropigmented; basidiospores smooth, very pale brown, ochraceous-buff, or ochraceous tawny in water and weak akaline mounts; apiculus indistinct, rarely distinct. Associated with Myrtaceae and Fabaceae. Holotype: A. dolichocystis Matheny, Trappe and Bougher.
Distribution: temperate Australia and tropical Africa

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