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Remarks (internal):Other rust fungi on Otholobium are Phakopsora meibomiae (Arthur) Arthur with paraphysate uredinia and Uromyces psoraleae Peck, a demicyclic rust. Uredo otholobii is also different from U. psoraleae-polystictae Doidge and Uromyces abbreviatus Arthur, which occur on other members of the tribe Psoraleae.
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Description:Uredo otholobii R. Berndt, A.R. Wood & E. Uhlmann, sp. nov. (Fig. 15a,b).
Uredinia amphigenous on leaves, small, chestnut brown, pulverulent; urediniospores obovoidal, broadly ellipsoidal or rarely subglobose, 21-27 x 18-22 µm (mean 23.4 x 15 µm), spore wall brown, ca. 1.5-2 µm thick, slightly thicker at the germ pores, evenly fine and moderately dense echinulate, spines mostly 2-3 µm apart, two to three germ pores, in most cases approximately equatorial and equidistant with a flat to moderately high subhyaline papilla and a slight internal swelling.
On leaves of Otholobium cf. candicans (Fabaceae, Psoraleae)
Holotype (PREM): South Africa, Western Cape Province, Barrydale, at the southern border of the village, on Otholobium cf. candicans (Eckl. & Zeyh.) C.H. Stirt., 23 October 2004, leg. E. Uhlmann and R. Berndt (isotype Z+ZT).

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