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Remarks (internal):Puccinia variabilis is a new record for Pakistan. From Pakistan, P. hieracii (= P. taraxaci) and P. sylvatica have previously been reported on Taraxacum officinale from Swat, Kalam, Kaghan, and Batakundi by Ahmad (1956a,b), Malik et al. (1968) and Malik & Virk (1968); and P. silvaticella on Taraxacum sp. from Kaghan valley by Ono (1992). 
Description type:Non-original description 
Description:Puccinia variabilis Grev., Scott. crypt. fl. (Edinburgh) 2: pl. 75 (1824) (Figs. E-F)
Spermogonia and aecia not found. Uredinia amphigenous, but mostly hypophyllous, brown to yellowish brown, scattered, rounded, 0.09-0.1 x 0.3-0.4 mm. Urediniospores subglobose to obovoid, pale brown to yellowish brown, 17-26 x 23-28.32 µm (22 x 26 µm on the average); germ pores 2-3, equatorial; echinulate, wall 1-2 µm thick; pedicel minute, hyaline, not persistent. Telia clustered, naked, irregular patches, 0.09-0.1 x 0.3-0.5 mm. Teliospores ellipsoid to broadly ellipsoid or obovoid, rounded at both ends, not or slightly constricted at the septum, 19-26 x (23-)25-36 µm (mean 24 x 32 µm); wall 1.5-3 µm thick, chestnut brown, finely verrucose, mostly smooth; germ pores 2, sub apical in distal cells and between the pedicel and septum in proximal cells, with hyaline papilla; pedicel hyaline, about as long as the spore, 7-9 x 17-35 µm.

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